Friday, February 18, 2011


photo courtesy of billy bush

today, as i was cleaning up camden's room, he lay playing with his toys and i noticed i watched him crawl/scoot his way over to his drum, position it and push himself up into sit to play with it...this kid is driven. he has wants, and desires beyond his needs. when did that happen? when did he become such a little person? when did he start playing? like really playing!? when did he get such a personality? i can't wait to see where he goes from here.


  1. I love that pic!! His hair is getting so long.

  2. Camden is beautiful! I remember when my son Matthew (who is now 18) was five years old or so. We placed some cookies high on the top of the fridge to keep him out of them. While we were in the next room he constructed an elaborate "ladder" out of boxes and toys to try to reach the cookies on top. That's when we realized he was far more clever than he let on at the time. Love your blog!

    Trey Shaver
    editor or Down Syndrome Today (

  3. He looks SO much like Billy. Ah- he's so so so cute.

  4. Love this post Tonya. Enjoy the journey! That (very cute!) kid is going places for sure.

  5. Handsome boy! I love this picture. I love his hair getting longer...I don't know....I just love it all!


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