Monday, April 25, 2011

baskets full of eggs...

our easter was filled with reminders of our savior, family, first easter baskets, first egg hunts, first reese's peanut butter cups and a whole lot of love...
bragging moment: camden is such a toddler these days, hands and knees crawling around everywhere (i wasn't sure that i would necessarily like this stage all that much, with the chasing around, but he is still our observer and takes things at a slower pace, besides the fact that i think having those 4 extra months to take it in and gear up to it helped me to be more and more excited about it, and i am happy to say we are loving the crawling thing)...attempting the bottom steps on his own, signing (most consistently more, with his thumbs though, and doggie...but he has also begun using dad, milk, grandpa, hurt all in correct context although not as frequently as doggie and more...i have also seen the sign for cracker and water although i don't think he understands the context), mimicking sounds, and he even started saying mama on demand...that's right, i say mama...camden says mama. he learned how to do the "indian call" (you know the hand on and off your mouth to change the rhythm of your voice). mom brushes her hair or teeth, camden brushes his hair or teeth. he understands simple commands, like "camden look at mommy", "sit up", "come here", "kisses" (he loves to kiss the people and animals in his books as well as his own little reflection...vain?) and he knows he shouldn't do something by the tone of my voice, although that doesn't seem to stop him for more than a second to look over at me. all in all he is getting bigger (by that i mean older) each and every day and we are loving every new little phase.


  1. Brycen and Camden have the same Easter baskets! I'm glad Camden knew to grab for the eggs, Brycen had no clue/interest ha ha. But I think he had fun anyway! Camden sure is growing up! I love the bragging moments, keep them coming.

  2. alright, his tie is KILLING me! i just want to squeeze his cute face off. i can't believe how old and big he is getting. and you're right.. every new little phase is so fun!!


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