Saturday, April 2, 2011

officially a "crawler"...

cam has been on the move since he could roll eleven months he began inch worming, by getting into four point and pulling himself forward...he got really good at it...and over the last few weeks he experimented with moving one arm at a time and falling forward...and today he started doing this...


  1. is he crawling towards a steering wheel toy? Addison has a toy like that with the same voice and "It's time for an adventure" (-:
    Yay for Camden with his 4 point crawling. Such hard work that he is doing so marvelously with!

  2. Go Cam go!!! What a big boy!!! Before you know it you'll be running after him!

  3. Way to go big boy! Grandma is so proud! You are really working hard for your mommy!.... :)


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