Thursday, April 28, 2011


camden had a little adventure on wednesday...he got to take a trip up to salt lake city and visit the same day surgery center at primary children's...he got his very own hospital jammies...
he met the baby whisperer (aka...the pediatric anesthesiologist) who fought off camden's recent surge in stranger anxiety, like the obvious professional that he was...who softly spoke to him while rubbing his little bare back through the strings of his new pajamas. we walked slowly down the white halls and stopped here and there to play with new hospital toys until we reached the surgery room where camden reached up for the anesthesiologist and went happily away...

billy and i went down to the cafeteria to wait it out and grab some food...and i knew it was a small surgery, and i knew we would be in and out...but there is something about a hospital cafeteria that brings me back to the fog that i sat in for the first nine days that camden laid in the nicu. the out of body experience that it is when you are waiting for the next feeding scheduled, waiting to see if your newborn will eat for you that day, waiting for good news, or bad.

in about an hour we were called back to find our baby boy sweetly resting, bum up in the air, in the small hospital crib...and as billy and i jokingly put it, he is now a "real" boy...(the pediatric urologist had to go into his abdomen and retrieve the right side of his "manhood" and put it down where it belonged). and although he is a little bruised up, and i know i'm not a boy, but man in looks like it should be sore down there, he is reacting like nothing at all happened in that hospital yesterday.


  1. What a trooper, like you said I'm not a boy but that has to hurt...a little! He looks beyond cute in that hospital gown!

  2. kids are so resilant. Happy his recovery was short :)

  3. Rain or shine that kid sure is a looker.

    (You and Billy sure know how to make cute babies Tonya!)

    Go Camden!

  4. I'm so glad it went well! Yay for Camden! These little kiddos are tough.


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