Thursday, October 11, 2012


A study done by Dr. Brian Skotko showed that among siblings ages twelve and older, 97 percent expressed feelings of pride in their sibling with Down syndrome and 88 percent were convinced that they were better people because of that sibling.

Camden is about to become a big brother around here and I can tell you that most days I wonder if I was out of my mind crazy to want another right now...but it has little to do with the fact that Camden has Down syndrome and so much to do with the fact that I am about to become the mother of two kids, two toddlers, two boys. Am I ready for that? Absolutely not! Am I excited? You better believe it!

When we found out we were expecting another boy I began to think about my oldest...I realized just how much he needed a little brother, a friend...who will one day become his advocate, his protector, his greatest blessing. Is it fair of me, as this child's mother to expect my next child to fill these rolls? Don't you hope that each of your children will be these things for their fellow siblings? Is it fair of me to hope and to pray that this child will grow to be compassionate, loving and gracious in the most rewarding of ways?

I have hopes and dreams for this next child, as I do for Camden...I do not expect that he will live in his brother's shadow...instead I think he will one day be able to say that he lives on his brother's shoulders. I believe that Camden will bring insight into our home, into the lives of our other children that will be invaluable.

I don't doubt that there will be moments of hardship, moments when things aren't fair...but that is the plight of any sibling and it is also the blessing...we become better selves through these times, we become stronger.

I know that Camden and little brother will be siblings in the most root definitions of the word, that they will play together, laugh together, support one another, fight and love each other. Am I excited to see Camden fill the roll of big brother? Absolutely!

Too many children are aborted because parents feel it will be too hard on their marriage, on the siblings...the studies show differently...

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  1. I've "sort of" been in your shoes...I asked myself more than once if I was crazy to have my boys so close together! There were a lot of long, crazy, tired days in the beginning but watching the boys play together now makes it all worth it!

    You're boys are going to be best friends and so lucky to have each other!!


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