Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Think about it...

In 2008 it was reported that 90 percent of women who received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome in the US chose to abort. A recent study done in 2012 showed this rate had dropped to a range of 67-85 percent (depending on where you live). In places like the UK and other countries however, rates are still above ninety percent.

Think about that for a minute. Down syndrome is the most common occurring genetic "abnormality". This is the most difficult subject for me to tackle...and mostly because of the thought that the majority of the society in which we live today believe that my child doesn't deserve the right to live. I am not going to argue my pro-life stance today...or talk about how an extermination rate of an entire group of people with an average around eighty percent is nothing aside from genocide, in my opinion. Instead, I want mommy's who may be reading this, dealing with this decision, to understand whom it is that they are taking away the right at life.

Camden turns three in January...he is rambunctious, sassy, opinionated, loving and lovable, smart, manipulative (what toddler isn't), unique, strong and hilarious. Camden has Down syndrome...a prenatal test could have told me that...but it wouldn't have told me who he was going to be. It wouldn't have told me that a hug and kiss from him could heal any wound, it wouldn't have told me that he would be the strength in our family, it wouldn't have told me that he would love tv (ya it is problem)...it wouldn't have told me that he would have a mind of his own...it wouldn't have told me that he would be shy...it wouldn't have told me that he would touch the lives of the people he encountered.

Children like Camden are growing up everywhere to beat society's odds...to have lives of their own...to be accomplished...to love and be loved, to lead happy, fulfilling lives...to inadvertently teach compassion and joy. They lead lives of value beyond comprehension, independently or dependently. Camden does not suffer...he enjoys the same activities that other children do at his age...he laughs every single day...he smiles every single day...he is loved every single day.

And maybe the choice you are about to make has less to do with the child's state of life and more to do with the thought of you mothering a child like Camden...and to that I say, you can do it. Your life will go back to normal, you will keep friends, and go out with your husband, you will love your child, you will think they are the cutest child on the planet, you will have hard days and good days, you will get over the pain that you feel from the diagnosis, there will be days that you forget your child has a diagnosis at all, you will find a sense of meaning and joy in this journey.

So before you listen to the geneticist about potential issues that may or may not arise in mothering or being a child with Down syndrome...before your fear of the unknown takes over, before the thought that no life is more merciful for a child like this takes over...think about it. Think about that rambunctious three year old that you may be keeping from having an existence, from being able to choose what color shirt they want to wear and talking about what they want to be when they grow up, the child that would have no first date, no chance at finding the love of their life, no chance at happiness at all. Just think about it.

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  1. Out of all the blogs and posts that I've ever read, this is my favorite.

    Because any child is a gift.

    Camden just happens to be one of God's greatest... (Like his mom...)


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