Monday, October 15, 2012

The future...

I think one of the things parents fear most about having a child with Down syndrome is their state of independence. It was definitely one of my fears...shortly after Camden was born I realized how unfounded those fears were. Camden is only two...we don't know what level of independence he will eventually have...but I have high hopes. People with Down syndrome are reading, writing, holding jobs, getting married, attending college, some have received drivers licenses and some have families all of their own. Just because a person is diagnosed with Down syndrome it does not mean that they will fit a set stereo type. It does not mean that they will not have a does not mean that they won't succeed in life, contribute to
society and have their very own life.

And we look forward to Camden's future with hope and excitement. We do not believe that he should have limits placed on his future just because of a diagnosis. We instead feel that Camden will set his own goals, he will write the story of his very own life and he will set his own limits if the need arises.

Most days we don't think about Down syndrome, most days we don't think too far into the future...because it is wide open for our little man, and only he will be able to write it...not a doctor, not a geneticist, not society's stereotypes...Camden.

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