Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Alright so I have been wanting to get a 6 seating dining table so that we can actually start having people over for dinner. I have been doing some hunting around and found one at RC Willey that I liked and it wasn't too expensive but I fought with myself for a while and decided to hold off on buying the table...a week or so went by and I got some birthday money from my familia and so I splurged and got us a new table! the funny part was that I went in to get the table I had seen a while ago and Billy and I fell in love with a totaly different table! Billy picks up the table today and I am so excited about it! the best part was that we got a screaming deal because the guy asked Billy all sorts of business questions and I guess he must have liked his answers cause we walked away with the table for $100! yay im so excited! :)

Here is a kinda ok picture from when we were trying to decide in the store...

Now we just have to find the right chairs and dinner parties will be at our place! yay! we will actually be able to fit more then 2 place settings!

PS...the rest of my birthday was awesome too! Billy took great care of me! I love that boy!

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