Monday, October 27, 2008


So this weekend was action packed! Billy's brother Jordan returned home from his mission in Illinois! We are all so excited to have him home! He has adjusted quite well I must say we were all a little surprised that he just fit so well back into the swing of was like he never left :) He got in on Thursday evening around 5:30 and had a fairly large crew waiting for him to come out of the terminal! We were all so excited we just sat there with our signs and balloons waiting for him for a good 10 minutes! Every time someone would exit the doors we would get so excited and then realize it wasn't Joe...They would each laugh and say "He's coming! He was the last seat on the plane!" FINALLY Joe decided to come out and everyone cheered for him! Teresa was so cute and balling just watching him come down the stairs to the doorway...It was quite emotional for everyone and I think Jordan is just so happy to be home! I know his friends are sure glad that he is because they have pretty much been residing at the Bush residence for the last 4 days!!! But I think Bill and Teresa have welcomed home those familiarities and are really enjoying the time that they are getting with Joe! Billy is sure glad to have him home as well and the boys are already talking about working together so we will see what happens! It was so good to be able to spend time seeing everyone! We love being able to visit Idaho as much as we can! We are so thankful for Joe and his willingness to serve such an honorable mission! We have all been truly blessed by him and all of his efforts! Congrats Jordan! WELCOME HOME!!!
I stole this pic from Amber's blog...Billy and I never take pictures! THANKS AMBER!!! :)

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