Friday, October 31, 2008

TrIcK or TrEaT!!!!

This Halloween Billy and I had so much fun! we were able to enjoy the night with some friends from the neighborhood! Here are some pictures of our fun fun night!!!

Billy was an exterminator and I was the mouse!

So cute! Pebbles and Fred!

Broox loved Curtis!

What a cute little family!!!!

The whole gang!

Yay for HaLloWeEn!


  1. How fun! I have been going through lots of blogs today and everybody has come up with some of the cutest costumes ever! You guys are so creative. And thanks for your super nice comments concerning my family and our drama. It is nice to know we have such great friends ('re pretty much family) supporting us through this tough time. :)

  2. LOVE your mousy stripe in your hair Tonya! Adorable!!!
    Want to meet at Roy's soon? We should! What are you plans for this weekend? I don't know when Brade gets off work on Friday or Saturday... But maybe this weekend would work! Check your schedules :)

  3. I just talked to Teresa today and she gave me your blog address! I'm so glad! It's such a nice and easy way to stay in touch. It looks like you guys are doing well and having fun! Come visit our blog soon! Macy is always entertaining!


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