Friday, February 13, 2009

dum da dum dum...

So yesterday I got home from work ready to do some cleaning...The in-laws are coming in for the weekend and we are excited! :) but this is what I came home to....

And then I looked a little closer...and realized our beloved animal had chewed off the ends on about 6 of the lower blinds...needless to say new blinds are in order...

Every time I come home to this sort of thing the first thing I hear from Billy's mouth is..."she would go in a heart beat if we put her on KSL"...haha :/
...and then I have to lovingly remind him that that's not going to happen....although I think that after 3 shredded beds, three ruined doors, massacred carpets, chewed up wicker furniture and now the was a little harder to say no this time...

We love her...I promise we love her....UGH!

On a lighter note....How excited am i that In N Out Burger is coming to Draper! SO SO EXCITED! I am already craving a double double and their oh so delicious frenchies! Love it!


  1. Wow... I would've FREAKED OUT if I came home to this scene!!!! What a little stinker! I also have to say that that totally sucks about your car. I'm glad you guys are okay and that Park Cafe was worth it. :) I have to agree that I am SO excited about In N Out coming too! What a treat we are in for!

  2. Don't you love your puppy! I'm so glad that ours isn't the only one that enjoys wicker furniture. I too came home to a surprise today and it was a bottle of wood glue all over my carpet. Luckily I was able to get the mess out. If you haven't invested in a spot bot I would do so they are the best thing in the world. But then again maybe Lyric doesn't spill things, just chews. They are worth it though!! PS I had no idea In N Out was coming. I knew I loved Draper and now there's one more reason!!!

  3. Oh my...that is a scary site! I would have died. Brooks is so excited about In N Out too...I guess I will have to learn to like it!

  4. I don't blame yo for putting him up for sale if you do. when we bought diesel's brother he was gone within the week for chewing a hole through our carpet and floor and another hole in the wall thru to the garage... its separation anxiety that causes it. So you may need to give the Dog Whisperer a call lol.

  5. What a little S***! oh Well, we love 'um anyway!

  6. You know what I totally understand that you still love Larrick even after all of that!!! The things we do for our babies right? I know, even though Curtis and I don't like to admit it, when Jack does something destructive we still love him!


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