Friday, February 27, 2009


so today at 2:30 i had my visiting teaching appointments to be to straight after work. well, i made some brownies the night before and left them on my kitchen counter so they wouldn't melt while in the car at work. i headed straight home from work...pulled into the garage...stuck my keys and my phone in my purse...PAUSED, thought: i will leave my purse in my car because i am just going in to get the brownies....picked up 4 plates of brownies (hands full) reached for my car door....and...oh, its LOCKED! and there is my purse, with my keys and my cell phone (which happened to have all of the numbers of both my partner, and the girls i visit) sitting on the passenger seat of my car....and oh BB was NOT at home....

needless to say i spent the next 45 minutes borrowing the neighbors phone...trying to track down my partner, with no luck, calling billy to come home, so i could selfishly steal his car.... :) and shoving a wire hanger down through my car door to no avail!

BB got home at 3:15 at which time i took the keys out of his hands...jumped in his car and yelled "GOOD LUCK!" as i drove to my last appointment...i finally caught up with everyone and the brownies all got delivered....thank goodness....but i honestly had to sit down, reflect and laugh....because, well, this isn't a random occurrence, in fact i do this on quite a regular basis and NO I DO NOT HAVE A SPARE KEY! but hopefully i will tomorrow...lesson learned...i hope :/

but seriously....would you expect anything different from me? seriously?


  1. Oh Tonya! This SO sounds like something I would do! Ask my mom how many times I locked my keys in my car in high school! lol I even had a spare key but would use it (because I had lost my keys or locked them in) and then lock the spare in! I was THE WORST!

    the last time I locked my keys in the car was in Missouri and we only owned one set of keys for the car! Thank goodness we lived in a SMALL town where the city police came to my rescue for free! lol

  2. I'm going to buy you a stack of keys and jumpers for your birthday

  3. or surgically attach one to your hand... maybe have it come out of your wrist like spiderman's webs :)

  4. At least you do your visiting teaching! We want to hear about your trip to Mexico and bummer about the key incident...I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that! We'll talk soon. Keep up the posts.


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