Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The worst sound in the world....

On Saturday morning Billy and I woke up to begin the BB Birthday celebrations by driving down to Salt Lake to grab breakfast at the amazing Park Cafe! (It is a favorite treat) It was a nice day and we were excited! We slowed down as Billy put on his blinker to make a left hand turn onto the street that holds this amazing restaurant...when we hear....
The Worst sound EVER! The loudest screeching of brakes on cement I have ever heard just milliseconds before we hear CRUNCH....We both looked at each other dumbfounded and I think I was the first to speak...
me: "really?"
Billy: "ya, that sucks"
me: "really?"
That is when we turned around to see a Rav4 who had apparently not been paying attention to the fact that we were waiting to turn, and had slammed, without much pause, right into the back of our little black car....
Everyone was and is fine....including the driver of the Rav...our car has some serious damage to the rear but is still completely drivable thank goodness....however, the Rav didn't make it out too well....The radiator fluid was flooding 13th south and it had to be towed away... sad.
You would think at this point we would have thrown in the towel on the Birthday Bash for BB but no....we had driven all the way down town and we weren't giving up our favorite breakfast spot without a fight! so I left the scene of the accident...(i know I know...but I told Billy to tell the cop why) ran across the street and put our name down on the list so that when all was said and done, police reports had been filed, we could walk right over and enjoy the world's best breakfast without a wait! :) Oh and it was good!
The car is driving fine and we were released of liability....but it can't get into the body shop until until then, if you see us driving around in this....

Just know...Park was SO worth it!


  1. sad cuhzinns
    your poor beautiful car.

    but parks i must say is WAY worth it :]

  2. poor G. It will get better. Did you put a bandaide on its bum bum :)

  3. That is so sad...and scary! I am glad you guys are fine. I have never heard about that place. We will have to check it out.

  4. Dude that totally sucks. I'm sorry. Hopefully Mr Rav 4 has insurance

  5. glad you guys are okay! crazy.... and I'm even MORE glad that you got your breakfast ha ha. So was it as good as anticipated?


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