Wednesday, October 5, 2011

day five...

i have shared this on the blog before...but every time i hear it again, it tares a little piece of me away...nine out of ten women who are given a down syndrome diagnosis prenatally choose to terminate.

when you are initially given the diagnosis you think that your pain will only come from the idea that someone might one day not accept your child....that they might have to deal with ignorance, and not be able to defend themselves...and i can tell you that that pain is still very real but the pain that comes from wondering what would have been camden, if he had not been mine, is also very real. the pain of knowing that this little man of mine, who is everything to me, had a ten percent chance of surviving a pregnancy, not because of health but because of inconvenience, ignorance, fear or pride, that kills me. and everyday i look at that face and am overwhelmed with gratitude that he came to me...because regardless of popular belief, his life is valuable...and will continue to be of infinite worth. he contributes to society everyday, and he isn't even yet two...every day that kid smiles and laughs and i wonder what people are thinking when they speak of quality of life, because this kid knows how to live and how to love and that is quality of life. my son deserved his right to live, and so do the other ninety percent...and i know looking from the outside in that it might be difficult to fully understand, but i can say without a shadow of a doubt that camden is exactly who he was meant to be, and it is a life worth living.

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