Sunday, October 23, 2011


i wake up sometimes, from dreams that feel so real...and they are amazing dreams and heartwarming and in them camden is accomplishing great one dream a few months back, cam just stood up and started walking, and he was amazing and flawless (i have had this dream a few times since), sometimes i dream that he speaks eloquently and clearly, even if it is just one word, it is clear and concise and i know without a shadow of a doubt what it is that he is saying to me. and then i wake up, and i ask myself, was that just a dream?

they feel so real.

and i eventually come to, and back to reality and the knowledge of that sinks in, deeply. don't get me wrong, camden is accomplishing great feats, every day...and i know that one day he will walk across the room with ease, and he will speak beautifully and concisely...but he won't do it today.

a few days ago camden was looking at his electronic book and after turning a page he would reach up and push the tiny button on the top of the book to get it to read to him...i didn't teach him that. and i was thrilled, because for the first time in his existence he learned something without the concept being drilled into his brain, without going over it a thousand times, without hand over hand motions, he just...figured it out. and i realized then that other kids learn a lot of things on their own, no one has to move their arms and legs in a crawling motion, they just do it. no one has to twist their bodies and contort their muscles, no one has to walk through the motions on how to sit up, or how to pull up to stand, they just learn when they are ready to. and that amazes me.

but it also helps me to realize just how determined my little guy is, how much he wants to succeed. he deals with the hand over hand, and the twisting and contorting and the forced motions (most of the time) because he wants to learn! and i know that he will learn things on his own, and that he will continue to accomplish great is just going to be one day at a time.


  1. I loved this. I have had those same dreams...I have woken in the night with tears running down my face because I have dreamed of Russell walking to me...And the dreams are so vivid and clear. Its almost like a sign from God, saying, be patient, it will happen.

  2. We have had similar dreams and I really think its Heavenly Father's way of comforting us and letting us know it will happen, when its time :) Love you posts!


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