Tuesday, October 25, 2011


it's late, and i just remembered that i have yet to post anything for the day...so here is my attempt.

camden and his walking legs were on fire today...he still isn't taking more than three steps before he tumbles forward and eats the carpet...but, progress: steps one and two are getting a lot more stable, so that's good...someday he will make it to four...i have faith.

his little hands were on fire today too, he may have ripped out a chunk of long blond curls from a neighbors four year old (literally, he was holding them in his tiny little fingers)...so, i guess we are back to hair pulling. so fun. so suggestions on time out techniques out there? he definitely knows that it hurts (he tends to sign hurt before he reaches for the nearest head) but i don't know if he totally understands time out. the hair pulling took a back seat to biting for a little while, and that faded and was replaced with hitting, and now we are back to the hair fetish. and i know that this behavior is typical for the age but, seriously!!! i might be going nuts over here.

camden has also been making up his own signs over here...ya that's right, if he doesn't have a sign for it he makes one up...and although cute, i sometimes get lost and he gets frustrated that i don't know what he is communicating...like "mom! i am over here signing my butt off and you are oblivious!" some that i have figured out so far include: cookie monster: which is both fingers wiggling in front of his mouth (like he is cookie monster eating a cookie), bee: he tickles himself with one finger and says the zzzzz sound, up: he hits whatever he wants up on a couple of times...and so on. and when he signs a string of signs and i don't get the message right he shakes his head and says no, no, while doing a little finger wag and after a few incorrect guesses the tantrums kick in.

last but not least....camden may have fed himself a whole grilled cheese and most of his yogurt tonight! without chucking the spoon or the bowl anywhere and without hiding any of his sandwich under his thighs or high chair, seriously it was the cleanest meal i have ever seen him eat, and it was a good way to end the night! well, besides the whole falling asleep in mommy's arms thing, that never gets old.


  1. Russell makes up some of his own signs too! lol...Its cute but I understand your frustration cause it would be nice to be on the same page!
    And yaay for steps becoming more solid and steady!

  2. Yeah and trying to yank off the nose of his wonderful auntie ashley ha I have lovely scratches. He is still the best thing ever. :)LOVE HIM.


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