Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i'm not going to lie...

this whole blog every day this month thing is kicking my did i do it last year with such ease? oh ya...i didn't have a toddler. so in between the feeding, chasing, cleaning up after, putting to bed, and entertaining i haven't really felt like sitting down and racking my brain for a post. boo.

anyway, here i am...with nothing really to say except that this kid of mine...rocked my world, to the an earth shattering sort of way twenty short months ago, and today, and every day since, he has continued to clear the clouds, to let in the sun, to teach me how to live and how to love. he has taught me how to persevere and to stand up at times i would have gladly sat down. he has taught me how to feel with every fiber of my being...he has helped me grow, helped me learn. i would not be the person i am today had it not been for that day twenty months ago.


  1. It's kicking my butt too...I have missed more days than I would like :-) Love this post and the picture if beautiful!

  2. This was so beautiful! Love Camdens facial expressions, haha, he is quite the little character.

    And this blogging challenge is kicking my butt this year too! I am thinking of bailing out cause it's starting to feel like a chore and I never wanted my blog to feel that way :(


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