Thursday, October 20, 2011


if i could accomplish just one thing as a mother of a child with special needs, it would be to teach people not to be afraid. not to fear life's unknowns, not to fear the what if's, not to fear the misunderstood.

it would be to ask people to push their fear aside when they see someone who is disabled, in any way, and go say hello, or even just smile, instead of awkwardly looking away. i know it's hard...because you don't know what to say...will they think you are staring? what if they don't understand you, or hear you? what if?

and those fears are legitimate and understandable and all too common. and i know this because i use to be afraid too. but, i can promise you that it isn't awkward to make eye contact, it isn't awkward to say hello, it is never awkward to smile. i can also promise that you won't only make that person's day, but they will more than likely make yours.

so let's stop our fear in its track...let's overcome it. and soon, those scary misunderstood unknowns about life in general, might not seem so scary anymore. because nothing is more disabling than fear.

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