Sunday, October 24, 2010

day twenty-four...

camden received an adorable little duck costume from a certain grandma...the little striped tights are to die for...daddy and mommy may or may not have decided to dress as duck hunters to match...let the halloween fun begin!
ps. a little boy turned 9 months old makes me a little sad to think that he is three-fourths of a year.
random fact about down syndrome #24: i don't use capitalization on my blog...mostly because i like the informal feel...but if i were to use capitalization you would notice the "d" and not the "s" in capitals: Down syndrome.


  1. Just found you from Kristin's blog. Love your comment on the sidebar under Camden's picture. Just perfect! What a doll!

  2. Oh my gosh that duck costume is to die for. He looks incredibly adorable in it! Love your costumes too ha ha. By they way, I've loved learning more about Down Syndrome and especially just love all your posts and pictures. You are such a great mom, Tonya! You have such a wonderful family! Oh and I got to see you little man the other day when Billy was here for the weekend. What a cutie pie. Missed seeing you! Hope you had fun in Cali was it? Anyway, keep up the wonderful posts!

  3. this is beyond hysterical. love, love, love the costumes! (esp the duck tights...ha)

  4. Love this photo! So very clever!


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