Sunday, October 10, 2010

day eleven...sort of.

so i know that i am technically writing two posts in one day...but i am going to count it as tomorrow's....mostly because it is 10:30pm on sunday night and my eight month old decided that when he went to bed, at his usual time (eight), he was really just going down for a nap. i am giving him the benefit of the doubt though, and i am going to say that he wasn't planning for it to be that way...since he fell asleep on our way home from a day out and when he got home we rocked and he ate a bottle and went back to sleep...only to begin screaming in his sleep three times in 15 minutes, the last time the point that he was gagging, all the while, still asleep...i finally had to wake him up...and now he is awake, and i mean awake...sitting on my lap...talking away and batting at the keyboard...apparently eight month olds can have nightmares...or something of the sort because boy was that boy being terrorized until his little eyes opened and he realized all was normal. well, i suppose that while i have him awake i can wear him out with some four point exercises...
random fact about down syndrome #11: one in every 733 babies born is born with down is the most common chromosomal condition.


  1. what are four point exercises?

  2. Poor baby! Landon use to have those same night terrors and it would take us forever to wake him up out of broke my heart to see him crying hysterically in his sleep. He hasn't had one in a long time, but I want to say the started right around 8 or 9 mo old and he'd have one every few weeks.

    Hope you both ended up with a good nights rest!


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