Wednesday, October 6, 2010

day six, gifts...

being a mother to a child with special needs has its pros and cons...just like being a mother to any child would...but babies with down syndrome give their mothers a very special that i think every mother has longed for, every mother has asked for...and even after i have been given the gift i still find myself asking for more of it. camden will stay a baby a little longer then most...i will get to soak in each stage for a little bit more time then i would typically get...and although at times i find myself outwardly pushing him to accomplish goals, i secretly revel in the fact that i get my soft cuddly baby just a little longer then most. he won't always be a baby though...and i have come to terms with this fact as he shows more and more signs of little boyhood...but i won't lie and say i wish he was crawling everywhere...although i am sure it will have its own delights, just as each stage does...i won't lie and say i wish he was a bigger kid, because i love to hold and carry my cuddle bug and even now i find myself struggling with it at times. i have been given the gift of time...time to stop and smell the roses of babyhood...and it is a beautiful thing.
random fact about down syndrome #6: babies with down syndrome have their very own growth chart. they are, on average, smaller then "typical" kids...


  1. "The gift of time" So beautiful, so true...loved this post!

  2. You've read my mind! These babies grow too fast. Camden is just the sweetest.


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