Saturday, October 23, 2010

day twenty-three...

technically it is still day twenty-three...or at least it was one minute ago when i started this post. it's been a long day...a good one...but a long one. i have some pictures to post...but they will have to wait for tomorrow...because tonight i am beyond done with computers.
random fact about down syndrome #23: a family that has previously had a child with down syndrome has a one percent higher chance of having another child with down syndrome. one percent isn't really much...then again our chances of having camden were only .067%...billy and i have talked about this fact a few times, being that camden was our first, and well we would love to have more children...and without a doubt we will...that isn't really the question...the question lies more in "will we have the tests?"...and although this is still up for debate here and there in our house, it isn't because having another child with down syndrome scares us, it doesn't. it comes from the do we want to be prepared next time? and the more i think about it the more toward no i lean...because really how can you prepare for any child?

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