Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day twenty-six...

i really don't have much to say today...because i have felt very lazy the last two days with the "you should stay indoors" weather...camden and i have been getting in some mommy/baby cuddles and good chick flicks...yum.
random fact about down syndrome #26: there are degrees of severity that come along with the diagnosis of down syndrome...the cause of the differences are unknown...each person has that same extra 21 and yet each person reacts to that extra bit very differently...i guess just like each person in general reacts differently to all of their chromosomes. it is difficult to see the range of function in children with down syndrome until the developmental process begins, and although a child might be slower in the development of fine motor skills they might develop gross right on schedule...or speech ahead of schedule...it really is up to that individual child, just like any other child.

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