Thursday, October 21, 2010

day 21...

i don't have much to say was a very busy morning...and i am squeezing in blogging time before the little guy decides to wake up for lunch. therapy at eight, eye doctor at 945...and we are currently missing a very anticipated play group...and i am pretty bummed about it. the eye doctor took way too long...we finally got home at noon...and of course cam is out cold...and hasn't eaten anything since, one hungry little boy will make himself known here soon. but hopefully we will see our friends next time, and hopefully next time will be soon!
random fact about down syndrome #21: this isn't really a is more of an observation...i read "road map to holland" when camden was about four or five months is a well known book among the down syndrome community...i remember feeling really good about camden and our new life, i remember seeing other kids with down syndrome and falling madly in love immediately...but i also remember falling to pieces when i would see an adult with down syndrome. i wondered if that feeling would ever go away. i found comfort in that book, and i wish i could find her quote...she talked about seeing people with down syndrome before she had her son...and that she had been denying them a childhood all this time, that she never thought about the fact that they have a mother out there, who loved them and cuddled them as she did her own children. i was doing this too. i looked at adults with down syndrome the way i look at most adults, the way that they are now. i never stopped to wonder what a cute child they may have been or the people that loved them in their life...i denied them a childhood. and really the relationships that we create here on earth are all that really matter. it isn't about being able to fly a plane or solve a math is about the way that we love, and the way that we are loved in return. i don't break down anymore when i see adults...i just picture a wholesome child running about and the smiles that they undoubtedly brought to their mothers.


  1. I missed seeing you two today, I was hoping you would be there. Dang doctor appointments, a morning full of those is rough on both baby and mommy.

  2. OH... we really missed you today. Sure hope he's doing ok.


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