Monday, October 25, 2010

day twenty-five...

it is snowing this morning...for the first time this season...and although i know it won't be the last...and come january you will start to hear the moans and groans about it not being the last...but for now...we are loving it. we broke out the winter coats and hats and i am thinking camden just might get his first go at a snow ball this afternoon. and the sleety balls falling from the overcast sky make me want hot cocoa and a fireplace, and a good movie to curl up in front of. yes, this all might just be on today's reorganized agenda...because there really is nothing more wondrous than first snow...and the way the sunlight peaks out from its hiding spot here and there to light up the mountain tops...the glaze of frost laying gently on my summer squash in the garden and the mums under our's one of those moments in life that takes you back a bit, a reminder of the little things.
random fact about down syndrome #25: the "politically correct" way of describing a person with down syndrome, or any disability for that matter, in the u.s. is to say "he/she has down syndrome" not "he/she is down syndrome" or "down's"...these little things don't really bug me, because i recognize there is no harm intended by it most of the time, and i too, before and a little after camden, didn't recognize this fact...but i understand now that it is about more than offense and so we try in our house to recognize that a person is not their disability.

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