Thursday, October 28, 2010

day twenty-eight...

the mornings are bed keeps me cuddled up those few extra minutes longer each morning...i can feel the cool air on my face and the contrasting warmth of a bed well slept in is just too much to give up...but, that little voice starts to ring out...and the mamama's are getting i give up my warm place and go in to see that boy of mine. he is a morning guy...and even though mommy thought she wasn't before she had him, she is now too...because that smile of his, the instant he notices my presence, makes my day before it even has time to start. and so we go cuddle in mom's warm bed for a moment while we drink down our breakfast and get those last few minutes of thick covers and soft sheets before our day really begins. it is our time.
random fact about down syndrome #28:

monica and david

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