Thursday, October 7, 2010

day seven....

we are putting in new floors in our house this these posts will be short and sweet. i love the smell of fresh wood...yummy.
random fact about down syndrome #7: not all people with down syndrome have all of the features of down fact a lot of the features can be found on people without down syndrome as well...they didn't see that camden had down syndrome in the ultrasounds (and we had many) because he doesn't have the features that you would look for in an the thicker skin on the back of the neck...or the one knuckle pinky finger...but the pediatrician noticed some features in him at the simian crease on his palm (which means he has a crease that goes straight across his entire palm), the space between his big toe and other toes is a little wider than average, he has a slight upward slant to his eyes (creating that almond shape that i love), and brushfield spots, which i have as well (tiny specks of white in the colored part of his eye, like little stars).

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