Thursday, October 14, 2010

day fourteen...

last night the husband and i gave blood...we subsequently found out, from his pale green face, that he would bleed out first if anything ever happened...and that i would shortly follow...i think that the red cross guys got a good laugh out of our little family, sick and coming close to passing out every time we moved. we know we did. but it was worth it...because together we saved six lives. so go give blood...because you get a cookie and watching your husband turn green is a little bit funny.
random fact about down syndrome #14...although they can light up your day with that smile of theirs...they aren't always happy. always being the key word. they experience every emotion possible...camden's latest...frustration...yes, with baby temper tantrums wrapped in there too. they know when they are being made fun of...and they can have their feelings hurt just like anyone else. they can feel lonely, sad, angry, frustrated along with feeling excited, love, loved, happy and contentment. all in all...they are human, in every sense of the word. is that not the most practiced dirty look on the face of the planet...i would like to blame it on his father's genetics, but since i have never seen billy give a dirty look, i am going to have to blame it on myself...because i am the queen of them.
but there is something extra special in that 21st chromosome, and although it means more doctor's appointments at times, and therapy, that little smile makes me thankful for his little bit of extra...


  1. I love them all, but he second picture put the biggest smile on my face...he's such a cutie and those eyes are amazing!!!

  2. ok, he is so cute. i love all of his different expressions!

  3. love the ds facts and all those expressive faces! how did you capture them all! love love love!

  4. He's getting so big! Love the dirty look face.


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