Friday, October 15, 2010

day fifteen...

camden has not been the best of sleepers lately...we can't quite put our finger on the cause...but we are hopeful it is just a phase, because i feel like i have a newborn again...and it has resulted in his sleeping in our bed...i know, i know...we are probably making it worse...but i love to cuddle him...and i love when he rolls over to wake me up in the morning with his cute little smile and his tiny babbles...even when you only get maybe five hours of sleep, when your day starts off with laughter, you know it will be a good one.
random fact about down syndrome #15: down syndrome was named for the british doctor who noted the characteristic features in 1866, john langdon down...the actual chromosomal cause (that third 21st) was not found until 1959, by jerome lejeune.


  1. Max was a great sleeper until he started teething, especially his molars. I don't think he's slept thru the night since last spring!

  2. He won't want to sleep in your bed forever! Enjoy it while you can- it goes toooooo fast!!! :)


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